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Hello Blowout Cards -

Randy Johnson belongs in the hall of fame next. He was one of the best pitchers of all-time. Let's not mark him as just a left-handed flamethrower, he delivered performances that will stand the test of time. In the day and age when chicks dug the long ball, myself and my compadres were digging on strikeouts. Johnson won 303 games during his career with five Cy Young Award trophies (nearly a 6th at the age of 40). Also he helped deliver to Arizona the only professional sports championship the region has ever seen. The dessert has been in a drought ever since. The 2001 world series also helped spawn the ever-catchy phrase "9 yanks can't beat a Johnson".

And the clincher is that he is the only pitcher in history to hunt and pitch in a professional baseball game at the same time. The ironic thing is that the poor bird was seeking shade/shelter from the awful/sizzling Arizona heat, but got scorched by RJ's heater.

Randy Johnson: Standing Tall and Talented. The real STAT (apologies to Amarie Stoudemire).
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