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Originally Posted by JReyesCollector View Post

To the younger members, I would like to offer a bit of advice. Please don't post topics without thinking them out. This is often where many members seem to get frustrated and think contributions are worthless. Also, please look over your post and make sure they make sense and are spelled correctly. It is very difficult trying to figure out what is being said when there are many misspellings, lack of capitalization, and lack of punctuation. Input from younger members is a good thing, as long as the point you are trying to make is clear.
+10000. The younger generation has grown up with/around Facebook, Twitter, and instantaneous social media that has created a quick trigger with anything and everything related to the internet and online socialization. Though such sites welcome and thrive off of spur of the moment, thoughtless banter and conversation, such etiquette does not necessarily apply to all internet social networks, with BO being one of them. I know not all "kids" act as as such (with adults being guilty fairly often as well), but the sooner they realize that differences exist the better things will be for both them and the rest of us.

I realize that this is, after all, just the interwebz, but there are still social parameters that must be met for an individual to be interacting properly. If you can find something on Google, please save the bandwidth and do so. If your question has probably been asked before, use that "Search" button and git 'er dunn. If you're posting on someone's break thread, at least be courteous and congratulate/console them on their pulls before pestering them with your own needs. The internet may not be the end-all for social interactions, but it doesn't mean we should treat it as our own personal playground.
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