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Originally Posted by HighEndHits View Post
Relative value within positions has nothing to do with overall point leaders. You were obviously in a QB heavy scoring league so the QBs score more points overall than other positions. And last year was the first year ever that there was such a huge separation between the top few QBs and the rest of the QBs. Think of relative value as replacement value. The gap between the top few RBs and the next tier of RBs typically has the largest drop off among the different positions. So if you don't get a top 3 RB you are usually starting off with a huge disadvantage. The drop off after the Top 3 QBs historically has never been as larger as last year and typically is very minimal to the point you can get a very good QB in the later rounds that will post similar statistics to the top 3 QBs taken. Also as QB is usually one of the more stable positions in terms of performance and injury the risk of taking a QB in round 4 or 5 and having them be a flop for your fantasy team is most likely the lowest risk out of any of the skill positions. On the other hand while you have a very small chance that a RB taken after round 2 might have a breakout year and jump into the upper tier of RBs that vast majority of them will not add any significant to your FFB team.

I understand what you're saying, but the last three years Rodgers has been my keeper and the last three years I've picked up a RB on the waiver wire that has exploded/provided #1 type of points:

2009 Jamal Charles
2010 Peyton Hillis
2011 Demarco Murray

I will take my chances of keeping the #1 QB in points (I let Lesean McCoy go back into the draft this year) and pick up a RB that breaks out - there is always one.
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