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I think your second idea is good, so people could easily see if a member they want to make a deal with is of age or not. By they way, I'm 15, just to let you know. Anyways, I don't think a separate section for minors is necessary and it probably wouldn't work. There probably aren't enough people here under 18 to give a section like that enough contributions (not enough people to post). And the number of intelligent minors is even fewer. Every now and then I hear older collectors talk about how there aren't enough kids in the hobby to keep it alive for the next generation. As a kid, being able to learn more about the hobby and sports in general will definitely help the hobby's future, and overall knowledge of it amongst the youngsters. Most of the younger members, if not all, display some sort of immaturity or lack of common sense at one point or another. This includes myself. As long is it's not along the lines of trolling or scamming, and only shows up in a few of that person's posts, it's not a big issue. A valid argument against minors on the board is making deals with them. If anyone doesn't feel comfortable making a deal with me because of my age, I completely understand that. People shouldn't feel in danger of being scammed out of their hard earned money or cards on these forums. I've never had any problems making deals on here, and my iTrader reflects that. But it's totally clear that someone may not want to trust an anonymous 12 year old with their money. Just a few things that I think the kids here need to understand are one, you need to be able to take joke without whining about it, two, when making a transaction, you are handling real money and cards, and you need to take it seriously, and three, if you can't do it naturally, try to make some sort of a conscious effort to not act immature every time you post.
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