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Originally Posted by gamboooler View Post
If you're going to go that route, please don't stop at age. I'd want badges for people incapable of rational thought. For instance, in your OP, what does it matter if the seller uses insurance or DC on an item from the buyer's perspective? Here's the answer, it does not. Delivery confirmation is only necessary to protect the seller in the PayPal dispute process. "But it lets me track the card to my doorstep!" Who cares... It will show up in 2-3 days. You don't need status updates in the meantime. Insurance protects the seller against risk of loss. If a card is damaged while in transit, the buyer is getting his money back in lieu of the card whether or not insurance was purchased. Along similar lines and for practical purposes, it does not matter that contracts entered into by minors are voidable. On smaller transactions, you aren't going to pursue a legal remedy against anyone regardless of age, as you'd spend more money going after the guy than the card is worth. On higher-end deals, just because a contract is unenforceable doesn't mean the kid can keep the card without recourse. You could get the police involved, he'd have to return the card, and he'd be facing criminal charges. If he sold it in the meantime, you could probably recover it from the third party. It's pretty much the same procedure you'd go through if the thief was 50, 70, 90, etc.

I'd also want a badge for anyone who complains about a shipping charge they agreed to pay in the first place. In a perfect world, they'd have their internet privileges revoked.

There are a million things that take place on these boards that could/should piss off a rational person. I'm just saying calling for an age limit on a message board devoted to a hobby with a substantial minor population is dumb. Especially considering there are a ton of mouth breathing dopes here who are 18+. Research who you're dealing with beforehand, use your best judgment, and you'll be fine. We don't need an age limit.

You can write me a 10,000 word essay if you like, but you're still missing the point. Its against the law to agree to a contract with a minor. If anything should go wrong when b/s/t with one, you're at risk because of the laws in this country. Therefore, why can't there be an emblem in peoples profiles showing they are under 18? That way people KNOW the risk before doing the transaction. Then its up to people to choose if they want to deal with the minor or not is all I'm saying. There's no wasting time in asking someone their age...the emblem is there if they are underaged, its not if they are 18+. I don't see the issue in that being a bad idea.

As far as the does not matter if they use DC or insurance until an issue arises with the transaction (buyer doesn't receive card). I am generalizing, but the times that has happened to me, its always been a minor sending the card. I just think some of the younger guys should be educated on the mailing and paypal shipping processes.
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