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Originally Posted by DaveTaplin View Post
I saw one of most popular and well respected case breakers list a BC Red refractor auto via an auction and as a BIN. I sent them a message asking if they meant to leave the BIN on and they simply responded they would end the auction if someone clicked the BIN.

Didn't seem quite right, but I guess after reading this there is nothing wrong with it (policy wise).
Selling the *same identical* item in two different listings is against policy, as stated on that eBay page I linked. so that seller is in fact breaking policy, but oh well, I'm not the eBay police so what do I care...

Just to be clear, I was talking about listing two cards that are duplicates, not identical, at the same time. That is allowed but restricted.

By duplicate, I mean the cards are physically different cards. But they have the same # and player, come from the same set/subset/insert, and not serial numbered so there is no way to distinguish them apart in a listing, other than some super high res scan so you can see the differences in the imperfections and what not.

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