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Originally Posted by tman109ner View Post
I've said it once, I'll say it as many times as I have to. By "limiting" or "excluding" younger members ruins the hobby for us. I understand some of us are by all means, unreliable but I'd say that it shouldn't be taken out on the rest of us.
A few random thoughts as I was reading this thread:

1) I have no problems with minors that are at 100% feedback, and say 50+ Itrader. TTMtrader, Strasburg, Homerun, ATrain, etc

2) I'd at least like to see ALL minors get a emblem on this site, at least till they hit 50 Itrader and 100% positive feedback

3) About half or more of the minors whining in this thread have had past problems B/S/T as you can tell from their feedback.

4) I completely agree with a ban on any age member with positive Itrader feedback under XX%, wether it's 90% or whatever.
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