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Default Blowout Cards Official Madden 13 PS3 League

Seemed like there was a lot of interest in getting a league going. Let's get it started. Going to piggy back off of the Xbox league that is set up.

League Type: Coaches
Salary Cap:On
Skill Level: All Pro
Qtr Length: 7 min
Accelerated Clock: On
Injuries/Pre existing injuries: On
Trades and Deadline:On

League Rules (can be adjusted slightly but i want to keep them pretty simple to avoid confusion, as real feel as possible, and keep it fair and fun)

1.HAVE FUN and show SPORTSMANSHIP win or lose
2.No quitting. Take a loss as you would a win....with Pride
3.No cheating- nanos and whatever other glitches pop up this year
4.No NO HUDDLE overuse. Meaning not every play or every other play.
5.MUST punt on 4th and 4 or more if not passed the 50 yrd line unless losing in the 4th qtr.
6. Dont run up the score. If you've got a nice lead and theres no way you will be beat please show sportsmanship.

These are just set in place to keep it competitive and fun for all. If you dont agree with these rules please do not join. Trades and FA signing will be discussed once everyone has joined so please do not make any trades or pick up FAs until rules are set in place.

FA's,Trades,and Advancing Schedule (These are set in place so no one abuses the FA pool or makes bogus trades.If you have a better suggestion for FA's and Trades feel free to bring it to the table for review)

1. FA's are only to be picked up if your starting player at that position gets hurt. (EX. A.Johnson gets hurt so I pick up P.Burress)

2. Trading will be based on Rating points. Players in trade must be within 5 +/- pts. (Ex. Want a 90 Rated player must trade a player between 85-95 Rating)

First to post gets team they want so be quick and include your PS3 name. Will get the league set up when there is enough interest. Thinking of a 3 day window for everyone to get their games in.

Teams - 14/32

*Note: user's PSNs are listed in the parenthesis. = joined league

AFC East

cinnakaok (kokoa21) - Jets

AFC North

GatorboyinTN (GatorboyinTN) - Ravens
bombersboy48 (hman13) - Browns

AFC South

mgugs46 (mgugs46) - Texans
Daddy91409 (TechHW) - Titans

AFC West

srslychris - Broncos

NFC East

GatorboyInTN's buddy (contact him to schedule) - Eagles
Djameson79 (Djameson79) - Giants

NFC North

jiggidy (jiggidy-) - Lions
trixstar (TrixBalls) - Bears
KevJo (HULL17RW) - Packers

NFC South

Cynner007 (jgq1979) - Falcons
Haiku (haikuswords) - Saints

NFC West

packmn12 (Milw_best) - 49ers
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