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Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
Oh my goooodness, oh no he di ent just copy iBLeeDBaTTLeReD's league formaaaat.
daaaamn Gina. I said we were piggy backing off yours. Thanks for doing the legwork for us

Originally Posted by Kevo420nc View Post
Im interested. Just never played in a league before. I understand the rules but would we be playing against everyone or the CPU? How time do I need dedicate to this?? I usually play 2-3 games a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Just depends on my work schedule.. I wanna go ahead and reserve the Patriots. PSN- Kevo420nc
You will play against the person who has the team of your opponent. It's the same as franchise mode but it's all online. Once you go into the online league it will say who you're opponent is. It will also show if they are currently online. They called it Connected Careers this year though and changed a few things.

Everybody will have up to 3 days to get their game played for the current "week" of the season. Once we get the league up and running I will post when the games need to be played by. lt will probably be easiest to schedule a time to play via PM's here.
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