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This whole thread is an off-shoot of a thread I posted a few days ago about the legal ramifications and consequences stemming from attempting to contract (B/S/T) with a minor. That thread did not receive many responses, and, after reading this thread, I am a little frustrated.

All of the members I have come across who are under 18 are very trustworthy and enthusiastic about the hobby. In my thread, I discussed the legal problems associated with attempting to contract with a minor. While this topic was lightly addressed in this thread, there has yet to be an example (from a member of any age) of a law, regulation, ordinance or Court holding which stands for the notion that an adult attempting to contract with a minor can retain equal footing in the transaction (i.e., could enforce the contract against the minor after substantial performance is completed).

My thread was created to point out a possible flaw in the online world of buying, selling and trading cards with people of unknown status (age of majority) from the Internet. I hoped that someone (possibly a mod or someone with extensive knowledge of Internet commercial sales) would see my thread and explain what safeguard(s) is/are in place to deal with such situations. That has not happened; rather, several threads have popped up discussing immaturity, grammar and whether school is back in session.

Those topics do not concern me as much as legally sound, well-reasoned statements concerning the rights of parties entering into a minority/majority contractual obligation. Quite honestly, I would love to see one of our more junior members address these matters, as doing so would exemplify the type of maturity and education which will serve you better in 10 years time than a "mojo-tastic" pull.
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