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Being one of the older members here, I do at times take exception to some of the posts/threads made by some of the younger members.

I will encourage for the hobby to include teenagers/young adults to be a part of this fantastic hobby. I get disappointed by some of the behavior and gang mentality though. I get really annoyed at the B/S//T board, with the lowball offers, people wanting an Ebay discount on fees, etc. I know what the value of my cards are, and please respect that opinion. But it happens all too frequently.

I've been selling on Ebay for over 10 years, I have a Powerseller and Highest Seller rating. I do treat buyers, sellers, and hobby collectors as I want to be treated.

In the years of selling, the worst transactions I have ever had are by teenagers that use their parents Ebay and PayPal accounts. Especially the buyers, they feel they have a hammer to either extort feedback by asking for refunds, or monitary adjustments to invoices. If mistakes are made, they use it to their full advantage instead of realizing a mistake has been made and will not work with me to make the transaction either successful or satisfactory for both parties. There is no compromise, which I hope they will learn with experience.

I am glad this came up for discussion, don't let the immature members ruin it for our other younger members that want to get established and gain respectability.
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