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Originally Posted by Danni1185 View Post
Cryptozoic just confirmed!

The autograph line-up for The Walking Dead Season 2 Trading Cards is impressive. In fact, we're so excited about them that we can't keep some of them a secret. Sarah Wayne Callies, who portrays Lori Grimes on the hit AMC show, is just one of the awesome autograph cards you will be able to collect!

Sarah Wayne Callies Autograph Card Confirmed! | Cryptozoic Entertainment
Excellent news just need to get some cases now lol

" So, with my never-before-used forum account, I posted a reply to Brobocop to hint that Sarah might be added to the set. As expected, this caused a bit of a commotion as community members responded with disbelief that this "Miranda" would be anyone actually from Cryptozoic, or that we would spoil any sort of information on the forums. These posts were a lot of fun to read, and well worth a bit of leaked information. Although, I guess it is hard to determine if the information is indeed "leaked" if no one believes it's true.

It is my pleasure to (officially) announce to the community the addition of Sarah Wayne Callies to the autograph line-up for The Walking Dead Trading Cards!

I apologize to Miranda Anderson and all here for jumping the gun, welcome to the boards Miranda!

Congrats to Brobocop as well!

"It's Over" possibly from Lori to Shane in S2.

Sarah Wayne Callies is # A14

A01 - Andrew Lincon
A02 - Jon Bernthal
A03 - Jeffrey DeMunn
A04 -
A05 - Norman Reedus
A06 - Melissa McBride
A07 - Madison Lintz
A08 -
A09 -
A10 - Scott Wilson
A11 - IronE Singleton
A12 -
A13 -
A14 - Sarah Wayne Callies

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