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Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
Where did you find out this information? I looked around on here and on Combat Cardboard and didn't see anything about it.
I don't post on Combat Cardboard much, just keep in contact with members who are friends.

I have the Pearson and Sonnen in hand, and the Rockhold has been redeemed.

It was extremely disappointing and aggravating to have the Chael not even been worn. Topps says they are "fighter worn" so I bet they bought a new one, gave it to him, he put it in and, and gave it back to them.
The Pearson is worn and believe I saw it in a fight.
Luckily all the other ones look to be actually worn by the fighter.

If anybody sees any other grill gears, please let me know.
I have 3, need remaining 12.
I have only seen those 3. If you've seen others please let me know so I can hunt for them.
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