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Yes, and a hard lesson it was. I was planning on doing a giveaway for those that had any issue. But at this point I'm not sure it would go over too well.

Originally Posted by FreeMan12406 View Post
You want my .02? I know y'all do.

Studio, you got a little bit too ambitious for your first go with making cards. I also think you shouldn't of spent money that wasn't technically yours, meaning before the product got to it's final destination in one piece.

I think you couldn't of predicted that a huge shipping error would of happened putting you in this mess. But again, you should of help the money until everything was finalized.

I don't think you're a scammer, if everyone has been taken care of like you said. I actually like the look of your cards and wish some of the card companies would take note.

But with what went down, you're gonna take your lumps, your bumps and bruises and hopefully rebound from it a smarter business man. I also think the really negative things were uncalled for but hey, it's the internet age where you can say anything you want and face no repercussions.

So in short, I think you got in over your head and dug yourself a nice hole. Luckily everyone is finally taken care of and I hope you learned your lesson.
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