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Originally Posted by $100box$20cards View Post
That is just silly very nice collection
Thank you!

Bunch of "variant" additions today.....

First off is a freebie from shaqcollector (Scott). Thanks for the PC addition, Scott.

2002 SP Legendary Cuts Lamar Gordon 0264/1100

Secondly another freebie addition to the PC, a repeat offender - Mik253. Thank you again kind, Sir!

2006 Ultimate Collection Heath Miller 264/525

Snagged this scrub off the bay.....

2012 Rookie & Stars Cam Newton 264/500

Another helmet add......

2010 Sweet Spot Keiland Williams 264/400

A Bearcat.....

2010 SP Authentic Tony Pike 264/599

This next addition was 5 months in the making. A member pulled this fine specimen and quickly locked it away into their PC. Many attempts were cast to acquire and yet I continued to come up empty. Finally, acquired some heavy weights and made a final attempt.....

Makes 15 out of 34 available Patch/Autos from this set/year (and tracking two more....)

2010 SP Authentic A.J. Green 264/299

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