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Originally Posted by FanboyOfNone View Post

I'll take the Cowboys if you really need players, but I have to warn you that EA's tech support might not be able to get me online for a couple weeks. Then again, my account could be working in a couple days.

Your call. No worries either way.
I'll put you down. As long as your cool with the CPU playing for you if we get started before you get online.

Originally Posted by storm View Post
Should have my copy on wednesday in the mail, ill take my Jags
Need your PSN. Sent you a PM.

Originally Posted by Burt-Reynolds View Post
getting my copy in the mail tomorrow according to ups, so i'm in. go ahead and give me my eagles. one question, the teams that don't get filled, do we play the cpu on those? never done a league before, and i'm not sure if we are going to get a full 32 players, so how does that work?

also, anyone open to maybe putting up a few cards to make it really interesting? we could do division winners, conference winners, superbowl winner get cards. maybe include a card for mvp, defensive player, etc. nothing too crazy, maybe a few 10-15 sell value cards from each owner?

psn id - mdefazify
I'm going to assume that we will have some CPU controlled teams. Probably for the Cardinals, Rams and other lower tier teams. If you match up against a CPU team you just have to play the game through the online league against the CPU.

Also just so everyone knows, the plan is to do more than 1 season. Not sure how the offseason stuff will work yet but we can get that sorted out when we get there if everyone does want to do more than 1 season.

As far as prizes, I would be OK with it but everyone has to be on board with it. Also the mods would have to clear it as well.
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