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Originally Posted by Vincesanity View Post

Looking at the checklist it appears all 30 teams will have hits, the only question I have is what to do with the FUTURES GAME INSERTS, I'll take suggestions on that.

Is the full checklist out? The only prospect autos I can seem to find that have been confirmed are of:
Shawon Dunston Jr.
Nick Castellanos
Jake Marisnick
Matt Sczcur
Pratt Maynard
Jonathan Singleton

If there's an actual confirmed list out I'd love to look at it so I can see if there's good prospects to be had in BC this year.

Also, regarding Futures Game inserts, I'd assume these are relics for guys who played in the most recent Futures Game? Those guys are I believe all attached to MLB organizations (Skaggs, Machado, Castellanos, etc..) so I'd suggest that those go to whoever has those respective teams in the break.
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