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Originally Posted by insane irish View Post
Love the RB's, (how u got Mccoy at 10 is beyond crazy) but QB's scare me and WR's are pretty dreadful. At least Bowe is on a contract year!
I was thinking about dropping Rudolph for another QB (Russell Wilson, maybe?). There was a crazy run on QBs, and while I may not have gotten one of the top 5 or 6, I think I got 2 above average guys that I can rotate in an out.

As for WR, I'm a little worried there too. However, I'm looking at Green and Gronkowski as my "WRs" and Bowe as my "TE". Gronkowski puts up huge numbers and I'm viewing him as equivalent to a starting WR. If Bowe can put up numbers of an average TE, I'd be happy.

I also took some of my sleeper picks in the event they blow up week 1. If I don't like how things are looking, I have first shot on the waiver wire where some talent is still out there.
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