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Originally Posted by durstlimpbizkit View Post
I just e-mailed them yesterday, and honestly I'm used to hearing back fairly quickly but it is a little troubling.

It all depends though, I mean Solarfly seemed to have a lot of other Crypto stuff sealed up pretty well in the past so it just depends. I hope that the orders didn't get cut because I'm not sure how many cases they had to sell but I remember there only being like 3 or 4 when I bought mine.

We'll just have to see though.
SolarFly Cards

"Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please feel free to contact us at any time, we'd be happy to hear from you! During business hours, we generally answer all emails and messages within 1 hour of receipt. Otherwise, we'll get back to you first thing the next morning! "

They may have to withdraw their Season 2 Master Set listing for pre-order at 1500 to be able to fulfill case orders if they are guaranteed because can't make master sets if you over sold on cases.

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