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Just got caught up with this thread. Wow there are a lot of speculations being made within here.

First, Chris at BO will be putting up prices "next week" as I've been told today within an email. I'm sure he's just trying to appease his big orders, and needs to see how many they can sell, and what to sell them at. I know he received his allocation, so let's put that to rest. (edit: I would still check daily/hourly though JUST IN CASE he puts them up earlier).

Second, Miranda care to shed some light on the production numbers at all? This is only speculation, BUT I'd guess production of boxes is around 7000. Crypto raised BBT 3/4 to around this number (perhaps it was 7500). I have emailed Scott at Crypto today, so we'll see.

Third, Matt emailed me last nite. I'm sure he's trying to figure it out (as well as Chris). So just stating he has been in contact with me. I'm not even one of the first lines getting product from him. But wanted to put some of you at ease, that he hasn't left the country lol.

I'd love it if Miranda did answer production numbers though, or Scott Thanks.

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