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Originally Posted by skillovermyluck View Post
in the GBFL it was no trading outside of participants - due to sorting & shipping mess . and also if you trade within the participants you must clarify so the fish can properly address shipping charges to the right person.

and for the real question . If you do trade you only trade the cards . You are getting the points per the randomized team you got. .

Good Luck Guys !!
Originally Posted by Kingbudd View Post
If this is true for this break as well then that is perfect (in my opinion). I just wanted clarification before others are looking to make trades as it could affect points down the road for some individuals.
Honestly, I don't mind team for team trades. The thing that I didn't allow in the GBFL was the selling of teams or spots to other people, that's why the points stayed with the participant and not the buyer.

So, trading a slot = OK and you get the points of the team you traded for, as long as it was done before the break.

Selling = OK, as long as it's someone else who's in the break. The points however, stay with the person who was randomized the team.
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