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Originally Posted by HBMC View Post
It's not his fault, Eric was slow to pay, OP overreacted and made a witch hunt thread.

I am looking at this from a perspective of: if you're not going to at least communicate with me, maybe I'll take my bsuiness elsewhere, I'm trying to place myself in Eric's shoes on this one. I don't hear anything for 5 days, the deal's off. But that's just me.
....again, your logic escapes me. MITM agreed to buy the card, CODYJM sent his paypal address. It's MITM's responsibility to pay now. Why should CODYJM have to ask for payment? He gave him 5 days to pay, which is similar to ebay's 4 day policy...then simply asked when he can expect payment.

MITM then responded with a rather rode "Never? I thought the deal was off? You take a week to get back to me everytime and I told you I don't like that." - the bold part was later admitted to have been false, as you can see in the timeline on page 2.

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