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Originally Posted by HBMC View Post
It's not his fault, Eric was slow to pay, OP overreacted and made a witch hunt thread.

I am looking at this from a perspective of: if you're not going to at least communicate with me, maybe I'll take my bsuiness elsewhere, I'm trying to place myself in Eric's shoes on this one. I don't hear anything for 5 days, the deal's off. But that's just me.
No horse in this race, just posting my view. It didn't take 5 days, it took 14 hours. And I will quote where I believe the deal is done and MITM should have paid (and where I would have expected payment). Below is the end of conversation on day one.

9:25 PM Me - It is yours
9:28 PM Eric -Ok, I will pay shortly $24 to for the Fleener Finest on card auto /101. Thank you sir.

^ At that point I would personally wait until I received payment to respond saying something like "ok thanks i got your payment"

So to OP: I see your frustration, and make sure to leave appropriate feedback. The system is there so future users will understand what happened. What is "appropriate" depends on the person, it could be a negative, a neutral, or a positive with a warning stating you had issues or what not.

Now to MITM: I respect that you came in here and acknowledged your mistake. However, you should have done it to begin with. You may, or may not of honestly misspoke with your first post, but I hope you will do right in this situation and you and the OP can be satisfied in the end. I do not personally know you. With that said, I still believe you are an established well-known member here, and this will not deter me from dealing with you in the future (assuming you have a card I desire).

Moral of the story: Don't assume things, whether it be that a deal is done or a deal is dead. Assuming things makes an ass out of u and me.
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