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I find its pretty amusing that with all the douchebags and scammers allowed to troll these boards that everyone is up in arms about this. Get off the guys back. He screwed up. He admitted it. Thats alot more then most of the clowns on here would do. I was unaware that I was surrounded by so many perfect people. I have seen the words "I will take it" in my sales threads dozens of times and never been paid or even responded too by the the members who said they will take the card. Its hard to tell someone not too do something on here, be it good or bad, when they see everyone else doing the exact same thing. You are only kidding yourself if you dont think slow shippers dont know that they have the upper hand on people on this site. They know they can neg you if you complain about shipping time and thats why they ship whenever they feel like it. Monkey see,monkey do.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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