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Originally Posted by fungi2510 View Post
You weren't here at the beginning, so you really have no idea how it was when MITM started up. I admit that he has come a long way, but a zebra cannot change his stripes. There was a lot in the beginning, and we have never been on the same page. I feel that he did not come out right away and say, oh shoot, I should have paid right away rather than saying the OP never communicated with him. That is a lie. The OP sent address, its MITM's issue then.
I never said anything regarding his original post, only that his first 300 FB being base cards sent to him was a joke IMO.

I think he was wrong, but It's pretty hard to find a member without a blemish on their record. Especially one with around 700 transactions. He made a mistake, and fessed up to it. Can't do much else.
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