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Its tough bc i see this alot in the football area where someone will post a quick sale and then within 24 hrs they will edit the thread and delete the cards that didnt sell and post a new thread with the old cards thus avoiding the bump...

also another one i see is someone post in a thread and if multiple people post the OP replys to one at a time every few hours to keep bring it up even if the post hours previously they answer to just bump it...

I found out the hard way when i joined and was suspended a few dif times for violating the thread bump... it would be alot easier as well if the forum had a way to edit titles to reflect the changes I know you can go to advance but the title never really changes...

Another one is members should only be allowed a certain number of threads per area not throwing anyone under the bus but there was a member who had 7 posts out of 10 on top the baseball forum earlier for all little items that should have been one thread.

Or this idiot Maxe who just bumped 8 of his old threads to the top of the Baseball B/S/T... something needs to be done...

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