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Originally Posted by JohnMabry47 View Post
I think most of this bashing comes down to old "scars" that have never healed between certain members. I enjoy all of the guys involved, so it's sad to see that some things can't just be water under the bridge.

I stick by what I said earlier, communication solves this whole thing with no thread. I think the OP and MITM are both reputable..I've dealt with both and will continue to do so. They both admitted wrongdoing...hence they are 110% okay with me just based on the "mea culpa" that so many people can't seem to grasp when it comes to transactions
I agree. I mean yeah he #@#@#@#@ed up, no doubt. Gotta admit it when your wrong Eric, and do so right away.

I think it will be okay though. I also think he has come a long way since joining this site. I think many of us have. I like MITM, he's alright.
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