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Originally Posted by Swingman View Post
If you ask any Nationals pitcher who has the best stuff on the team they will all tell you Jordan Zimmerman. With that being said when you ask any Nationals pitcher for 1 game who they want on the mound to get them a W they will all tell you Gio Gonzalez. Dickey you can argue with but I think he is a one year wonder, Cueto is having a solid season but his strikeouts are no where near where they need to be as he ranks 17th in the NL. Kershaw has 12 wins and 8 Losses both worse numbers than Gio and has allowed over 5 runs in 3 of his starts compared to Gio's one bad outing where he gave up 6 in a day game. Gio ranks top 10 in EVERY category including wins, innings pitched, strikeouts and whip. Dickey is the only other pitcher mentioned here than is also ranked top 10 in all of those.

Monday the Nationals face the Mets in NY, Dickey vs. Gio, winner of this game in my opinion takes the CY Young. They have faced each other twice and have split one and one.

People might disagree but you have to respect what someone does in previous years, not just hand them an award for one season and call it a day. Do it on a consistent basis and you will gain the respect that is deserved. Dickey and Cueto have not done that yet, Kershaw has earned his stripes which is why along with a few other things he is being mentioned in the running for Cy Young.
Gonzalez is outside the top 5 in ERA, no friggin way he wins the Cy. Sorry, that's just how it works. You can say "deserves" if you want, but he won't win.

Last time an NL Cy Young winner fell outside the top 5 in ERA? I'm not sure, Yahoo's data only goes back to 2000.

SIDE NOTE: The only time the winner fell outside the top three in ERA during that span was Clemens in 2004 (fifth overall). Because he's Roger Clemens.
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