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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Gonzalez is outside the top 5 in ERA, no friggin way he wins the Cy. Sorry, that's just how it works. You can say "deserves" if you want, but he won't win.

Last time an NL Cy Young winner fell outside the top 5 in ERA? I'm not sure, Yahoo's data only goes back to 2000.

SIDE NOTE: The only time the winner fell outside the top three in ERA during that span was Clemens in 2004 (fifth overall). Because he's Roger Clemens.

LOL Gio is in 7th at 2.98, Miley in 5th is at 2.90... Gio has 5 starts left, 16 consecutive innings without a run scored, you don't think in 5 strong starts he can move into the top 5? Strasburg is 6th with a 2.94, .04 away from Gio.

I won't even dare to start comparing Wade Miley to Gio right now either, the dude has 70 less SO and has 11 less innings pitched and 9 losses.

If you do not think Gio can bring his ERA down your crazy. Last two outings he has dropped his ERA .30.. If he goes another two games of scoreless baseball which is very possible the way he is pitching right now he will be in the 2.7 range at minimum.

Tell me Gio needs to improve his numbers but don't tell me there is no way he has a shot of winning the Cy Young.
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