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Originally Posted by Swingman View Post
LOL Gio is in 7th at 2.98, Miley in 5th is at 2.90... Gio has 5 starts left, 16 consecutive innings without a run scored, you don't think in 5 strong starts he can move into the top 5? Strasburg is 6th with a 2.94, .04 away from Gio.

I won't even dare to start comparing Wade Miley to Gio right now either, the dude has 70 less SO and has 11 less innings pitched and 9 losses.

If you do not think Gio can bring his ERA down your crazy. Last two outings he has dropped his ERA .30.. If he goes another two games of scoreless baseball which is very possible the way he is pitching right now he will be in the 2.7 range at minimum.

Tell me Gio needs to improve his numbers but don't tell me there is no way he has a shot of winning the Cy Young.
Dude ... your homer is showing.

I never said Gonzalez can't bring down his ERA, not once. But where the numbers stand (i.e. if the season were to end today), he wouldn't stand a chance. He'd be lucky to finish 3rd, even though he's leading the league in wins.

You're the one who said if Gonzalez beats Dickey in the next matchup, he should win the award. I ... just don't know where to start with that. You're clearly valuing wins above all else, and if we're going to do that we should probably use WAR instead ... in which case, the award goes to Cueto.

Again ... I'm not saying Gio can't win. I just think he won't. He certainly wouldn't if the season ended today. And for some reason, you think he will pitch better than everyone else down the stretch based on his last two starts. I'd argue more for regression toward the mean.
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