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Originally Posted by Swingman View Post
Haha I am actually from Miami not a DC homer but have a biased opinion because I am related to GG.................

Any how I know chances of him winning are slim because he has some work to do but if Cueto and Dickey get blown up the next couple of games he can easily slide in there. I don't see Kershaw being much of a factor, also look at team wins and value, Nationals came out of no where and shocked everyone. Gio has definitely been a big part of that!
Now ... all of that I will agree with completely. Dude has been sick. But we are living in a Pitcher's Era, and unfortunately 20 wins, 200 K's, and a 3.00 ERA doesn't guarantee anything. See Ian Kennedy last year. Sick stats ... finished 4th.

How are you related to Gonzalez? That's pretty awesome.
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