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Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
I hear ya, I happen to like Gio a lot (and not just because I found out you're related to him, which is very cool, BTW) and I'd pick him to anchor my rotation in the long-term over Cueto, Dickey, and even Hamels and Cain to some degree. But from April 2012 to September 2012, Cueto and Dickey have shown they're just a little better. It's really a two-man race right now with Kershaw nipping at their heels. After Clayton, things start to get murky.

There are 5 starts left for Gio, I agree with you he is trailing a bit but if he beats Dickey and the Nats rough him up like they could and Cueto drops one or two more after his recent loss, I think things can take a big swing. Gio has always been a 2h pitcher, he is showing it as the season progresses.
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