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Originally Posted by btimm View Post
You are discussing the 2012 - yes, 2012, Cy Young Award. Not the multiple year Cy Young Award. So one year wonders get the same weight as a historically good pitcher, this is common sense.

Gio literally won't finish top 3. Dickey is better this year, with a lower ERA, better WHIP, and 23 more IP in the same # of starts, it's not even debatable really. Kershaw as well has a better ERA, lower WHIP, and more IP/start. And Cueto really is a better option as well than Gio.

Kershaw is the only one out of the people you have named that hasn't been a bum their entire career before this year. Coaches and Pitchers do not vote for Cy Young but ask around guys like Josh Beckett, CC, Doc, Cliff Lee, etc etc Guys who have been around the block and they will tell you they don't think it is deserving of a one year fluke to win the Cy Young compared to someone who has done it in BOTH leagues. Dickey is 37, his career up to this point has been a failure. Gio is pitching behind the best team in all of baseball, Dickey is going out there stress free, his team has been out of it since June. Cueto has not had better stuff than Gio this year either. Cueto gives up his leades to Chapman who is nothing but shut down.. Check how many blown saves Brad Lidge gave up for Gio earlier in the season... He should have 20 wins easily at this point... I rest my case

If ERA is all that matters and SO and the rest don't why isn't anyone making a case for the 14-2, 4th ranked ERA Kyle Lohse?.............. Exactly
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