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Originally Posted by Swingman View Post
Pretty sad you would put Chapman, a ONE inning pitcher in this discussion. Another guy that has never done anything in his career. Now I understand how people outside of the realm of baseball view things. Someone is a clubhouse would laugh if they saw Chapman above Kershaw and Gio in Cy Young who are both pitching great. Fernando Rodney should win hands down in the AL if this was the case because he is in a league of his own.

Crazy thing is, and not to turn this into a race issue because that's not what this thread is about but check the last time a latin/black won the NL Cy Young.. 1997 Pedro Martinez, before that since 85 and 81, baseball is all about politics boys, I don't know if you guys are starting to figure that out yet.
Again, I think you're having trouble distinguishing between who you think should win and the actual (or predicted) results. Chapman may very well finish 3rd. SEE: Eric Gagne, 2003.
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