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Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
I don't want to tackle this whole post...all I ask is that you point me to any instance where Josh Beckett's opinion about anything has mattered. The culinary accolades of fried chicken does not count.

Also: no one has made a case for Lohse because, well, it doesn't seem like any of us WANT him to win. I could if I wanted to...8th in innings pitched, doesn't walk a lot of guys or put a lot of runners on, a nice's just not a really strong resume. I expect he'll get some votes at the end of the year, perhaps even as much as Gio. He's clearly not in the upper tier though.

Your right it doesn't matter what Beckett has to say, I am just giving you a feel for what people outside the voting realm think, the people who actually put on the uniform, not the ones who are sitting a suite all game.
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