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Originally Posted by Swingman View Post
Your right it doesn't matter what Beckett has to say, I am just giving you a feel for what people outside the voting realm think, the people who actually put on the uniform, not the ones who are sitting a suite all game.
Right, but the people sitting in the suites and casting the votes are making peanuts for a chance to cover the game they love. The people putting on the uniforms make lots of money for setting themselves apart from their fellow players. I don't know Roy or C.C. or Josh personally and I know nothing of being a major league baseball player, but I work for a salary in a field where there is constantly competition for open positions. I don't want to see a huge influx of young upstarts gunning for a chance to do my line of work because it doesn't give me any leverage in negotiation knowing that there are younger and potentially better people out there who will work for less money.

If I'm Josh Beckett, of course I don't want an unestablished guy to get awards and recognition because that's the same guy that's gonna take a job from me when I try to get a new contract.
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