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If this is a starting player for you, I'd say it depends on what you'd rather have... a player that you can count on to give you consistent points week to week even if those points are usually never going to be stellar, or would you rather have the big play receiver who may put up monster numbers in one week but go 2-3 weeks in between putting up not much.

Justin Gage
Josh Morgan
Percy Harvin

Monster Game Threats:
Steve Breaston
Joshua Cribbs (assuming you get return TD points at least)
Any of the Saints receivers (Moore, Meachem, Henderson)

Too early to really say:
Mario Manningham
Chris Henry

Personally, I'd keep the spot flexible on your roster and just play the favorable matchups. If I HAD to select one guy longterm, it would probably be Harvin. I think he'll be consistent at worst and as the season goes on he'll probably be a monster game threat too.
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