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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
Giving up walks is only a big problem when those walks are leading to runs. They aren't though. Gio has an elite ERA under 3.
...but they are! Gio doesn't give up hits or home runs, but people still score runs on him. How? Teams capitalize on the free passes to first!

Gio can miss bats, but he misses the strike zone a lot, too. We could run around in circles saying what would happen if he did put the ball over the plate more. Do his walks go down? Probably. Do the number of hits and home runs off him go up? That's likely too. There's no use in taking that route. Gio issues a lot of walks and that's how teams score on him.

Also, there's no need to qualify what an "elite" ERA is. Anything under 3 is of course very good...personally, I think "elite" is very low 2s, which no one this year has, of course. But the 0.4 he is trailing Cueto by at the moment is fairly substantial.
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