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I find it funny how people hate in these forums.. Dickey is a GIMMICK, never done ANYTHING his entire career. All of the sudden he has a good season and he's elite? Same people must also think that Lincecum is a scrub because he's having an off year after having a great CAREER. Same with Cueto, been a bum his whole career, one lucky season with a good team and the best bullpen in the bigs and people think he is somebody. Prove it to me you can do it multiple times, until then I won't respect either of those guys. In the long run Gio will have had a 10x better career than either of those two and if you disagree with that you are down right brain dead. Atleast some of you got it right with Kershaw, kid is a stud and has proven himself, him I have no problem with.
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