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Originally Posted by bigzig View Post
I know buyers should read the listing, but if I saw that title and picture you used I would be expecting 6 Luck refractors as well. You only mention Luck in the title. Your picture shows the edges of 5 refractors with only Luck's face showing. That's borderlone deceptive if you ask me.

Can you honestly say you weren't hoping bidders wouldn't read the description?

Refund and cross your fingers you don't get bad feedback.
Yeah, same to me.

Someone on a phone, for example, isn't always going to see the description. The title says Luck and the photo shows what appear to be 6 identical cards. They're fanned out perfectly to hide any way of identifying the other five (not saying it was intentional at all).

2012 Topps Finest Atomic Rookie Refractor Die Cut 6 Card Lot Andrew Luck | eBay

It's always best to CYA with a clear photo and title or expect this to happen sometimes.
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