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Default Fantasy NBA Leagues Need Teams Money Leagues

Hey guys i have my NBA Fantasy Leagues up and going i will try and cover everything right here.Its ran through Yahoo and is a head to head league with 10 teams per league and top 6 make the playoffs. There will be a max of 45 moves for the year thats always plenty.I will not send invites or signup info until antes are paid.Draft will be a live online draft times and dates are below as well as deadline for when payments are due and please pay by the date so i don't have to replace you. I will also take backups in the event someone does not pay.
League A Will Draft Oct 20th at 9:15 PM CDT Payments Due Oct 13th
League B Will Draft Oct 27th 9:15 PM CDT Payments Due Oct 20th
League A Will be a $20 League
League B Will be a $25 League
Payouts will be top 3 for both leagues
No changes will be made in the leagues once drafts are done and no shady business goes on in the leagues as you that know me know i run fair and honest and fun leagues.
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