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Originally Posted by Brad68to96 View Post
I got my first order from COMC today. I ordered 3 low end McCutchen cards I needed. The shipping was fast and professional, but one fo the cards was pretty badly dinged. The bottom right corner is showing alot of white on a blue surface. I'm not trying to complain, it was only a $2-3 card. However, the photo did not show the degree of damage I received.
The "handling" is unknown. I also would like to know the storage policies. I think they might be storing the cards Unsleeved. I got my 450 cards 99% unsleeved and its just fine. But the chrome and refractors i got are SCRATCHED up. I didnt complain to Tim because i have no idea if the sellers are sending in unsellable cards to COMC or it all got damaged at COMC.
Some problems:
1- Have a patch card, the back had "writing indentations $20" I suspect the original seller sent this card in cause it is definitely not selling condition on Ebay or anywhere else. NOT COMC fault.

2- I bought some chromes (20-$40 bv range) which i cannot sell due to the scratches, Dont know if sellers sent it in or it was damaged during handling,shipping or ????? unknown cause.

Will just check out none glossy cards for now, Tim if your reading this, i would like to know how the cards are being handled(sleeved or non sleeved after scanning). I can see how some sellers might be sending unsellable cards to COMC and due to flipping and stuff can never trace the damage to the original seller. Food for thought.

Tim, if you are storing the Chrome cards UNSLEEVED, you gotta handle them a little better cause when packed tight with other unsleeved cards they get scratched up easy. Just some suggestions. It may seem like i am complaining, but to took over 1000 cards in had so far, so i only got like 10-15 cards that i see problems with(not that bad) but almost all the chrome type cards had pretty bad scratches, so i see a problem that a casual buyer might be turned off by one purchase and never come back.

Also Tim, remember that most the people here are "flippers"(nothing wrong) so they dont see the condition first hand after purchase. Eventually, if a card gets flipped 5 times,etc,etc.. and the final person takes physical delivery of the card in a condition not as scanned(like the previous post), that would be a turn off for first time buyers.

I am not complaining, i am giving suggestions to better your site(i really like the concept of COMC) from a "shipped" Buyer of cards.
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