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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
This thread isn't even active yet, so technically payments aren't even due, and yes we have to wait for people to make payments. Every month or other month, however Cat wants to do it, there will be a schedule time to pay and a time to rip, everyone will have a deadline.
Just to clarify what I was saying:

1) At the time, I didn't realize that it hadn't gone active yet because we were full on 9/5/12 and I thought the mods had been taking that long to move it. I haven't participated in a break before on this particular forum so I am still learning ALL of the moving parts of a group break on this forum.
2) I do realize that we have to wait for people to make payments.
3) I am aware that Cat can do the payment stuff how he wants to, but that was not what I was getting at.
4) I was curious, at that particular moment, if we were going to have to wait on mod approval and moving to active every month before paying and breaking because it seemed like they were taking a while to move this.
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