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Ok, still missing a couple payments.

However, there is a problem.

We were never locked in with an order #.

It is my fault for not requesting one. Normally it happens when we move to active.

Fortunately Blowout was very kind and worked with me on the case cost, but they no longer have enough baseballs.

I have purchased the cases and they should arrive on Wednesday.

I have no idea what to do about the baseballs. It only affects the people that won a week, so please help me decide:

Club #1 -

Wk17 - swivelhip
Wk18 - TheHeel
Wk19 - andrew jones
Wk20 - meyer9977
Wk21 - swivelhip

Club #2 -

Wk17 - thatkidbilly
Wk18 - thatkidbilly
Wk19 - hoopster3977
Wk20 - thatkidbilly
Wk21 - riversoule
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