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Originally Posted by Cujobyte View Post
"Again, I made the mistake that CZE was a company that actually cared about collectors and made products that people wanted, all while making a profit that they do deserve. This tells me that they just want to F*** with people with a big smirk on their faces."

Seriously Madbacker? You want to know what the Walking Dead cards would be like if Rittenhouse produced them?? Over flooded, and tanking in price, just like Game of thrones/True Blood did. I like Ritten as much as the next collector, but seriously majority of their cards are not "collectible" in any sense of the word. I waited 3 weeks for True blood to tank, and scooped up 90% of the autos for $5 a piece. I have a master set that cost me $600-700 now. I still like their cards, but seriously.

Maybe I'm in the minority though. I love most of crypto's products. The ONLY problem Cryptozoic has faced, and admitted, is their "collation". Collation for Fringe and Vampire Diaries are awful. Thankfully Season 1 of W.D. was very good. I hope it's as good for season 2.
You shouldn't care about the value if you're merely a collector.
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