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I would have to agree with a few others and say that "Shoeless" Joe Jackson deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. An iconic baseball player who paved the path for greatness in outfielders at the beginning of the modern era of baseball. He still holds the all-time third-highest career batting average and was debatably one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. The man hit .408 in 1911 for gosh sales. The main spent his entire post-baseball life proclaiming and maintaining his innocence in being involved with the great and infamous Black Sox scandal of 1919, and was acquitted by the jury in the subsequent trial. Yet the powers that be never forgave Jackson, and his legacy as a cheater continues to this day. Baseball scandal aside, the man was one of the greates ball players to ever play the game and in my eyes, should absolutely be memorialized and given and nice shiny plaque in Cooperstown so that his friends, family, fans and the generations to come remember him for the wonderful things he did for the sport, and not for the unproven wrongdoing he was accused of over 100 years ago.
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