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Smoky Joe Wood - while his career was cut short by injury, he excelled as a pitcher, later as an outfielder and then as a coach at Yale University. Here are some highlights of his career:

World Series champion: 1912, 1915, 1920
American League ERA champion: 1915
American League wins champion: 1912
2 20-win seasons
1 30-win season
3 sub-2.00 ERA seasons

He also compiled one of the greatest seasons of all time:

Record: 34-5
ERA: 1.91
Complete Games: 35
Shutouts: 10
Innings pitched: 344
Strikeouts: 258

His career ERA (2.03) is 5th best in baseball history. Had he not slipped and broke his thumb in 1913, we could be talking about the greatest pitcher in baseball history. What could have been!
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