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Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
Nice but how about the ride goes through an actual aquarium in the water with the sea animals? would be sweet or can do 3d animation + aquarium....what you guys think?
i like this idea as well i think the idea of using real fish would be good for adults and using the animated characters from nemo would be great for the kids as well.. also maybe as you go through the aquarium you coudl have Dory be like a tour guide and be pointing out all the different kinds of fish or something... the seat for the ride could be like a Turtle Shell or maybe like a Sharks mouth like you being Eaten as you go for the ride

another idea that woudl be similar to this woudl be to use a submarine as the ride car and be closed in and go through the aquarium but inside the sub would be a screen that the Characters from Nemo would show up on to take you on tour or help you Escape from the Sharks and there would be windows so that you would be able to look out into the aquarium as the ride went along
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