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Originally Posted by Cujobyte View Post
Well, I hope everyone gets a chance at this at a fair price. Am I the only one who purchased from the "other" site at $89.99 a box? Yes that seems high. BUT retail is supposed to be $84.99 on this product. Just curious. I think in two months time, the $89.99 will sound like a bargain.
Granted I only ordered two boxes ('supposed' to be getting two more from Sci-Fi Genre), I told myself whoever put it out first between DA and Blowout will get my money. I buy from both of them pretty evenly and they are always comparable on prices for the things I buy. I completely agree with you about the price. I was hesitant to buy at $89.99 at first because it did seem high to start at, but we all know these boxes will skyrocket once they are sold out at retailers and the re-sellers/hoarders start flipping them on ebay.

To me there was no reason to wait for Blowout and risk getting shut out. There is absolutely no reason why they would come in at a lower price, if anything they can come in higher than that and still sell out.
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