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Thought I'd round up the gist of our team's thoughts so far:

Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
We could go as simple as Simba's Circle of life...possible parts of the coaster...

1) starts going up slowly, small drop, couple easy twists, then goes up higher and when it comes down, both sides have filmed or robotic stampede....after that it zooms towards a billboard of the hyenas and as it gets closer, the middle of the billboard opens up and the coaster zooms through.
Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
also, another thought is the whole superhero thing, since all these marvel movie have come out...everybody gets a cape and mask to put on before they get strapped in
Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
Definitely indoor, with screens surrounding you. Imagine being in the middle of the stampede, ducking, weaving, and dodging 3D wildebeests from all sides. We can have speakers in the seats that play realistic animal noises, as if they're approaching from behind. Oh yeah, riders are in Dbox-like seats, except these are on Balco quality roids.

Simba's Circle of Life is good, but maybe too vague or passive a title for what I'm picturing.
Originally Posted by newton615 View Post
Since its going to be indoor/partly animated we should go all out and integrate Toy Story and Finding Nemo into the ride. They all kind of run together anyway being that they are all in some sort of jungle/swamp/little boys room. That would be the 3 highest grossing animated disney movies of all time mashed together with the theme of the ride being what is likely the most recognizable disney movie of all time.
Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
I like where you're going with this. Maybe we don't run them all at once, but rotate themes depending on time of year, or time of day, even. We can capitalize on our investment many times over.
Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
We can abbreviate the whole movie into 15, maybe 20 minutes.

It's a must to start with the opening scene, as that's one of the key points of the movie, right out of the gate. The audience represents the animals below Pride Rock, observing the corronation (sp?) of Simba as the next king. Pride Rock is a prominent 3D structure, popping out of the screen, "touchable," speakers on each seat making different animal noises as Rafiki approaches the end of the Rock, ready to present Prince Simba.

Movie flashes through in some fantastic way the various colorful and movement-heavy scenes, including every song in the movie, from "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" (tons of movement and colorful imaging), to the score by Scar and the Hyenas in the elephant graveyard (thinking temperature changes in this part to capture the darkness of the scene).

You're then lead to the climax of the movie, where Scar informs Mufasa that Simba is stuck in the gorge with the stampede going on, and this is probably the most intense portion of the ride. Tons of environmental noise, 3D dust kicking up, wildebeests surround on each side of the theater, tons of seat movement, ending with Simba seeing Mufasa laying on the ground, lifeless, breathless. This is followed by more movement, as Simba is chased out of the gorge, and into the vast emptyness outside the borders of the Pridelands.

Enter some REALLY awesome scenes with Timon and Pumbaa, including two key songs, "Hakuna Matata," and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." Nala comes in at some point to discover Simba is alive, Rafiki follows. Another chase scene comes alive, as Simba follows Rafiki to the watering hole, where I think imagery meets a whole new level. Imagine the temperature in the theater at this point to be very comfortable, dark, and a 3D image of Mufasa in the clouds appears, telling Simba to always remember who he is. Simba realizes his place, and decides to head back.

Cut to the final scenes, where Sarabi and Simba meet up, and Simba and Scar get into the epic battle. Pride Rock again, the main 3D image here, with Simba and Scar fighting around it. Then, on the final move, you take the perspective of Simba, with Scar lunging at you, you barrel roll him off you, and boom, down into the fire to be dealt with by the hyenas. Simba then progresses, at the nudging of the lionesses, to take his place as King, and makes the symbolic walk up the Rock. Rain starts to fall (perhaps drizzles of water fall from the ceiling or chairs), and things start to brighten up.

The ride closes with the next corronation of Kiara, Simba and Nala's daughter.

Edit: Parks are always looking for ways to ease the tension on rides, and long wait times are the number one reason people complain. If we run this ride on a schedule, say, every 30 minutes, it eases a little bit of tension and makes people happy. Plus, it gives them an extended amount of time off their feet, and a little bit of excitement mixed with the much needed rest. ALSO, we can run more than one theater at a time.
Also I dig the ride idea by Tajikey, and I'm picturing the symbolic walk up the rock at the end in POV view. I think that would be fantastic.

So all we would need is a name (I know Simba's Circle of Life has been thrown around) and advertising. Maybe we could have a commercial where Simba "rides" parts of the coaster? Or a crossover where Simba and other major Disney movie characters (like Woody, Buzz, Nemo, etc.) ride with Simba and they all say catchphrasy things about how the ride was? Obviously with Simba as the focus since it's a Lion King ride.

Or we could go live action with Matthew Broderick/JTT/James Earl Jones making appearances or something.
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